Saturday, 6 July 2013

Neverwinter Professions Guide

This post will give you a beginner’s guide to the professions in Neverwinter so you can level faster.

The basics covered below should help you get started faster in the game and make faster progress. 

Professions make up a large part of Neverwinter and you will get professions quite early on. All the classes in the game have a resource gathering skill and you will find that fighter types will start with Dungeoneering while Trickster and Rogues have Thievery and the Clerics will have Religion.

Control Wizards have Arcana and the fifth resource gathering skill is nature and to use this you will need to purchase kits from vendors.

While you will need kits for the nature skill you can buy kits for any of the gathering skills and this is the fastest route if you want to start crafting in Neverwinter. The kits are inexpensive and you will get a lot of materials you can use from them.

While you cannot mix and match skills with these kits as in a fighter will not be able to disarm traps with a certain kit or a Rogue will not be able to reveal a secret doorway you can use them to build up resources.
You will normally get resources from Nodes. 

You will find nodes anywhere in the game and if you just want to accumulate money you can sell the resources you get. With all of the resources being stored in a different tab you don’t need to worry too much about your inventory getting full.

When you get to level 10 you will get the True Professional skill and you can speak to the professions guys in the market area. You will get the basics of the professions if you take the time to read through this quest.

By the time you get to level 10 you should have a fair supply of raw materials that you have collected along the way. A good way is to select a profession and you can select anyone you like and then sell the stuff you make on the auction house.

You can also hire a guy to make your stuff and this takes only 5 seconds.

All you need to do is keep an eye on the Overview tab and you can click the Collect Reward button and you will have your own worker.

You can send out your worker to gather materials and if you want you can use Astral Diamonds to whizz through your training.

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Neverwinter Fast Leveling Guide

In this post we are looking at fast progress in Neverwinter. You can see a previous post we wrote about this here.

You might think that leveling is fairly straightforward in the game and you would be right! Essentially you will go from A to B and then complete quests. The quests are a lot like World of Warcraft in so far as you will get told to “kill this” “pick up 10 of these” – however actually leveling is not the problem.

The problem comes when you start to get further in the game and you need a mount. Or worse still you get to a decent level and you want to start taking part in PVP and Dungeons and then you will need to know about Gear.

So a few tips to help you out generally so you can make fast progress:

Ø  Save your money. When you get gold and silver in the early levels – save it until you get your mount.

Ø  Use and know about professions. This is one of the fastest ways to actually make fast progress. You will need to know about the professions and crafting if you want to make money and make fast progress.

Ø  Gear and stats – Depending on what class you pick – different stats will be favoured. So find a good class guide that will tell you what you should be doing in terms of gear.

Then of course if you focus on quests and leveling you will make far faster progress.

One of the best ways to make even faster progress is to learn from the best.

You can ask in the forums, search in the forums or if you are looking for more help and are determined to get the most from the game you need to check out the Neverwinter Supremacy guide >> 

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Neverwinter Control Wizard Build

In this post we are looking at a build for the Control Wizard. Builds are the life blood of the game or at least how well you do with the character you play. 

If you get your build wrong you will be in a lot of trouble and probably not have as much fun.

We suggest if this is your first time playing an MMORPG and you are not sure how builds work you check out the Neverwinter Supremacy Guide for some awesome builds and a leveling guide for the game:

For a decent build read on below and a big Thank you to sent8 for this build that you can read the full version here >

Control Wizard Frost Build:

At Wills:
1) Chilling Cloud or MM doesn't matter. My suggestion MM will give u better single target damage which will be helpful with this AOE build. Early on it's MM obviously.
2) Ray of frost (Amazing ability, fast cast speed and extra CC)

Encounter Power:
1)Conduit of Ice
2)Icy Terrain.
3)Steal Time
4)Chill strike/Icy Rays (with my feat build Icy Rays has some great damage)

Now it's up to you which ability you put in your spell mastery, and depends entirely on your play style. I messed around with a lot of them, but I like Conduit of Ice most for this build.

1) Ice Knife
2) Arcane Singularity (Replaced Ice Storm here, AS will pull all targets together letting you CoI and other AOE abilities hit all targets) Great ability.

1) Evocation
2) Eye of the Storm/Storm Spell (as long as damage is ticking, Storm spell has a chance to proc) Decision is yours.

I used this build for most of my leveling, and it really started to excel at 50-60. It's very efficient at cc'ing and clearing large groups of mobs. It has decent single target damage and cooldowns are relatively low. Here are my feats.

Feats: (Because I went Human I got the 3 additional feat points. I tried to figure this w/o being human so If I gave any extra feat Points lemme know.

Controlling action 5/5: We have lots of CC and movement impairing abilities in this build, so the majority of your damage will increase your AP. More Dailies to throw out is always a good thing.

Fight On 5/5: 10% Reduction in CD for all encounter spells. Less CD means more chances to use and ability and more damage output= Profit.

Blighting Power 3/3: 9% increased damage to targets effected by chill.

Wizards Wrath 3/3: The majority of our abilities are Aoe so why not.

Focused Wizardry 3/3: This with Wizard's wraith gives our AOE abilities a 15% increase in damage. Add that with our Evocation 15% increase gives our Aoe abilities a 30% increase in damage.

Think any class other than human will have one point left over (correct me if I am wrong). So I usually put what ever is left over into Toughness for more HP.

Now to our fun Feats the tree I chose was: Thaumaturge 

Why you may ask. Damage, damage and more damage. Read More of the build HERE

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Neverwinter PVP & Skirmish Guide

In this post we will give you a basic guide to the PVP andSkirmishes in Neverwinter and how they work.


In most Skirmishes you will enter as a party and have to clear up the place and try to win which will finish off with a giant battle with a boss. 

You will notice about the bosses that they have a lot of hit points instead of just a few hundred and this means that you must have a good group with a Tank, Healer, DPS etc… because it will take a strategy to win and when you start getting up to the more difficult bosses you will have trouble if you are not geared up correctly.


With PVP most of the maps are instanced and a good one is Hotenow Domination which is a 5 on 5 where you will be fighting for control of three points on the map.

All you need to do is stand near the pylons until they turn the color of your team and you will find that most of the fighting happens around the main control points.

Most of the maps will raise you in level to the same as the highest level player in your team.

If you are going to play Domination style PVP your best bet is to get in there with a tank heavy group.

I actually find Skirmishes are more fun but whichever you choose to play you will be able to get your hands on some pretty cool gear and weapons.

If you want a COMPLETE guide to Neverwinter featuring Leveling and PVP guides check out >>

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Neverwinter Leveling Guide For Beginners

In this post we are going to give you some tips to help you level fast. The main thing I would say is to keep on questing. It sounds obvious but it is easy to get side tracked. Plus you will need to keep hold of your gold as you level because you will need the mount at level 20.

You can also view our Neverwinter Beginners guide if you want more tips on how to level.

Another really big part of the game is the currency and we will run through that quickly so you have at least a working knowledge of how things work.

You have a few different currencies in Neverwinter that range from Zen, Astral Diamonds and then Gold, Silver and Copper.

You will find Zen across all Cryptic games and at the minute you can swap Zen for Astral Diamonds or vice versa.

Astral Diamonds are what you need! They will help you get special mounts, weapons and gear. The quickest way to start collecting Astral Diamonds is to use your Invocation skill at a campfire every 30 minutes.

The easiest way to think of Gold, Silver and Copper is the base currency. Anything you sell to the vendors in the game will reward you with this.

You also have bounties and trade bars and these are a special kind of currency you get for completing quests. You will want to get these as you can trade them for rare goods with special vendors around Neverwinter.

Another question we get is:

“Do You Need To Spend Money In Neverwinter To Have Fun?”

Well it is free to play but it helps to spend money.

Although saying that if you want to get some really good enchants for your gear and weapons you can spend hundreds of $$$’s and not get anywhere!

We recommend if you really want to dominate in Neverwinter without spending money you check out the Neverwinter Supremacy Strategy Guide as it will give you everything you need to level FAST:

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Neverwinter Beginner Guide

Welcome to where we will be giving you some tips to make you a better player of Neverwinter. At the time of writing we have just 24 hours until the official launch of this free but very good MMO.

We will be going through any changes that you need to be aware of and there will be some as the game is still technical in Beta.

However we thought we would start by giving you some general beginner tips and leveling tips for Neverwinter.

Leveling In Neverwinter:

Leveling is fairly simple or at least you will see your next destination on the minimap but there are a couple of things that can help you out.

Firstly make sure you spend your feat points every level and equip any new spells. Another thing you will want to make sure you do is train your companions as well. If your companions are underpowered that will affect your game.

Level 10 will give you your first two attribute points and you will also be able to start taking part in PVP. Level 16 and you will see a new dungeon which is called “The Cloak Tower”.

One of the main levels that you want to keep a watch out for is level 20.

You just need 1 gold to get the mount so make sure when you are leveling from about level 10 you start saving. You will also have the option of spending Astral Diamonds to get a special mount that will set you back 168,000 diamonds!

You will also get a helm at level 20.

You will get a big decision at level 30 as you need to pick a path for your character to follow so make sure you pick this carefully as it will change the way you play.

We will have some more tips on the way that will run through the new professions and other changes during launch.

If you are REALLY looking to get the edge on launch day check out the Neverwinter Supremacy Strategy & Leveling Guide For A COMPLETE Guide To The Game…. CLICK HERE